Wooden Multiplication Board Game - Help Master Early Mathematical Skills

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 Enjoy A Fun Way To Learn Without The Use Of Technology

Learn while playing! Help develop your child’s intelligence, imagination and hands-on skills while having fun.

Why Aussie Parents Love It!

Recommended by many Australians, the Multiplication Board Game is a fun educational toy that challenges young minds. It is a tactile and visual learning tool to help understand multiplication concepts easily.

Join many happy Australians who have benefited from the Multiplication Board Game. This is a suitable gift for children as young as 5 learning multiplication, up to older students who may need a visual tool to reinforce multiplication concepts.

Benefits Of The Multiplication Board Game

✅ Technology Free Learning Tool

✅ Adapted For All Ages & Skill Level

✅ Visual Representation For Learning Math

✅ Durable For Repeated Use

✅ Make Learning Fun!

✅ Develop Intelligence & Hands-On Skills

✅ Help Evolve Early Math Skills

Have Fun Exploring The World Of Maths

With this hands-on approach to learning, you can see how the numbers multiply and form patterns which can aid in developing a strong foundation in math.

Why Do You Need Multiplication Board Game

Promote active learning as your young ones enjoy and refreshing break away from the screen and explore the world of multiplication.

Features Include:

  • Material: Natural wood, plastic

  • Size: 22.5x22.5cm

  • Smooth & safe

  • Non-toxic materials

  • Durable for extended use

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